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Who we are at The Guild Live LLC extends well beyond our founders. We are a talented team of producers, artists, songwriters, mixers, technicians and creatives. We’re a joyful and passionate group of people that believe in creating the best productions possible. Meet the team at The Guild Live LLC and feel free to contact one of our experts with any question you may have. We’re always happy to help.

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Chip Williams

Sound Engineer and Producer

Working alongside our signed artists, Jordan Parker steers budding talent to the top of the charts. With an extensive background in music production, Jordan Parker makes the difficult job of Producer look easy.

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Cody Engstrom

Sound Engineer and Consultant

Taylor Quill has been part of the team since the beginning, when we were all young and fearless. No matter what skills and technology you require, our Artist Manager will make sure everything is under control 100% of the time.

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Abraham Oleksnianski

Live-Sound Engineer

Kris Ward has been working at The Guild Live LLC since the start in 2000. Kris Ward is the mastermind Sound Engineer behind the console, and knows the best ways to optimize sound.

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