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full production in-house

Your Project. Our Studio. Perfect Union.

Recording Studio


Capturing sound is one of our greatest passions - it is both a science and an art form in perfect balance with each other.  Our sound engineers will work to ensure that your performance is captured at its best with sonic superiority.



Albums, podcasts, films, commercials - mix your next project with one of the leading music production company's in Miami. Every detail is important, and we aim to provide the best sound possible.

Music Recording Studio

Music Production

Not sure how to make the album you’re envisioning come to life? Work with our experienced team to shape your sound into something uniquely you. Whether it's writing the perfect arrangement or creating the sickest sounds, we’ll work together from start to finish to produce work you’ll be proud of.


Sound Restoration and Cleanup

Click - Pop - Crackle - ZzzZZ
It's amazing what modern technology can accomplish today with advanced audio restoration techniques.  Unfortunately, there are times when not everything will be in your control.  A record may deteriorate after prolonged use; excessive noise may get into a recording of a voice over, interview, or dialogue; mistakes are made when recording on location.  When these things happen, restoration becomes a key element, and we'll be your path to saving time, hassle, and headaches.

Our level of quality is second to none. Choose the best for your project.

Standard Rate: $60.00/hour*

Corporate Rate: $80.00/hour*

Large projects and packages: Contact us below

*Rates are subject to change

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